Social Media Guide for Leadership Institute 2010 #li2010 #umc

Here is a quick social media guide for Leadership Institute 2010 at The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection.

Twitter – Tweet with #li2010 and #umc (as appropriate)

Photos – Upload photos to Flickr with tag li2010

Follow –

Visit – for live stream of General Sessions and aggregate of tweets from the event.

Will you please share your experience with others?

PS – Look for the rows of seats with power strips available in the center section of seats in the sanctuary.

5 thoughts on “Social Media Guide for Leadership Institute 2010 #li2010 #umc

  1. I’ll be there and will probably write at least one blog post about the conference. Looking forward to it!

  2. I’ll be relaying reports to some of our people on Facebook and blogging during the day as long as I can plug in (at least from time to time) to keep my laptop running. I’m on Twitter, but I don’t tweet because it just doesn’t reach our people at this point.

  3. Andrew, I’m blogging live during LI (text and pics), and I saw some others doing the same. Tonight was a great start to LI 2010!

  4. Great event! My blog notes are at

    1. Ryan – I am glad that you enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing your notes!

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