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UMR Communications Board Meeting

A week ago today, I was at a UMR Communications board of directors meeting. This was my first meeting. There are a great deal of challenges and opportunities that are before UMR Communications. I am excited to see what will be next. Will you please share how you connect with UMR Communications? It may be through the United Methodist Reporter,, other publications, digital printing, books and journals or design services.

How has UMR Communications impacted you?

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We partnered with UMR at the beginning of the year to create an edition of the Reporter in the Michigan Area (Detroit and West Michigan Conferences). We are very happy with what has resulted.

Hmmmmm… Thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking – sorry i’ve got nothing, its as much of a dinosaur as the General Agencies. To paraphrase Wesley – I do not fear that it will cease to exist, rather that it will go on existing, with the form of Godliness but denying the power thereof.

It really hasn’t impacted me. Any communications that I receive generally come when I go to The Methoblog and look at the “headlines” that are there.

I am not aware of how I would receive notifications about what is happening that fit within my communication scheme – I prefer e-mail and voice communication; I don’t tweet or text.

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