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Looking Forward to the Dad Life

My wife, Nicole, and I are expecting our first child in January. I am looking forward to the Dad Life, however I am not sure I’m looking forward to exactly what is depicted in this hilarious video.

By Andrew Conard

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4 replies on “Looking Forward to the Dad Life”

Andrew – congrats! So exciting. You have probably seen this one, but it made us laugh when we saw it. Don’t know how you feel about minivans, but even Jon has to admit there is a “hedonistic level of practicality” about them. 🙂 Wish you and Nicole the best, you’ll be wonderful parents.

I love this video.. After Demian becoming a dad, he watched it and it is him to a tee!!!

This Dad Life video is really great; not exactly my experience, but really funny! Thanks for connecting me to it. I love their creativity. …I also like the Mommy Rapsody video.

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