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iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 launched June 24.

Would I like one? Yes.

Am I eligible for an upgrade? Yes 🙂

Did I pre-order one? No, I skipped that craziness.

Did I wait in line early? No way.

If I purchase an iPhone 4, I would like to walk in to the store with no line and just buy the one I want. Who knows when that will be…

By Andrew Conard

Christian, husband, son, brother, homeowner

2 replies on “iPhone 4”

What I almost always asked my kids from the earliest age until they no longer were asking me for things was, “Do you want this, or do you need this?” As adults they have handed me this line and it hasn’t always been the line I’ve wanted to hear! I so liked Adam’s line in one of his sermons — it was something like, “How will this end up happy?”

Of course, you know I can only do a few things beyond email so these phones are way beyond me. You need way more than I want or need! You are using technology to spread the word so it’s more than want! You are doing great work beyond belief… Take care and keep enjoying life. Nancy

I’d suggest getting one if you don’t have an iphone already. I’ve got the new one and its awesome, but compared to the 3GS or 3G, it isn’t radically improved or different.

I also preordered and it wasn’t “crazy” for me.

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