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#smckc + #smcjoco = 7

As Pastor of Resurrection Online, I am passionate about building community a Christian community online. Social media is one of the important tools to accomplish this goal. I have been involved with the Social Media Club of Kansas City and found benefit both personally and professionally from many of the monthly breakfasts. I have learned from, shared with and enjoyed getting to know others from across the metro area.

Recently, the Social Media Club of Johnson County was founded. There has been some hoopla about two groups existing so close to each other. I believe that both #smckc and #smcjoco can and will thrive. Two groups in this proximity simply speaks to the level of interest in social media in the Kansas City metro area and this is good for all.

I propose that #smckc and #smcjoco focus on working together to share social media throughout the metro area, with the goal of forming seven social media clubs within the Kansas City metro area.

  • Social Media Club Eastside
  • Social Media Club Johnson County
  • Social Media Club Kansas City
  • Social Media Club Midtown
  • Social Media Club Northland
  • Social Media Club South KC
  • Social Media Club Wyandotte County

I believe that it is possible to have all seven clubs exist and thrive with hundreds of members in each club. This would allow a greater local focus and also potential to work together to host world class events in the Kansas City area by working together.

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