Reading Time: Blogs vs. Books

One of my responsibilities as a pastor is to be theologian in residence for the congregation which I serve. One of the ways that I seek to do this is through reading and study – primarily of the Bible and secondarily in other sources.

I use Google Reader to keep up with blogs. I currently have 71 subscriptions and read 547 items over the past 30 days. Blogs help me keep up on the latest news in social media, theology and peers in ministry.

I also have a bookshelf that has books many classics as well as several that are still unread. Over a year ago, I decided to add books to my Amazon Wish List until I had read all the books that I currently own. Adding a book to my Amazon Wish List sates my desire to purchase it and works 99% of the time. I have hundreds of books on this list. (You can find it at if you are looking for a good gift for me. 😉

Let’s assume that I have a finite amount of time to read, while carrying on the other responsibilities in my life. (I recognize that this could be challenged, but for the sake of this exercise let’s assume that it is true.) So here is my question for you:

Is the time that I have for reading better spent on blogs or books?

What are the pros and cons of each? What books or blogs would you add to my list? How do you decide where to spend your reading time?

By Andrew Conard

Christian, husband, son, brother, homeowner

One reply on “Reading Time: Blogs vs. Books”

Hi Andrew,
You have verbalized my dilemma perfectly. Books or blogs? Gotta have both.

Do you read Bill Tammeus’ blog? He is good for finding out what is going on in town, though sometimes it is after the fact.

And I thought my Amazon wish list was out of control!


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