Contemporvant Worship

You may have already seen this video. If you have, it may be worth another look. If you haven’t take a look, it’s hilarious.

Thanks to Tall Skinny Kiwi’s post for drawing my attention to the video.

And for a look at another in this genre, just for fun…

By Andrew Conard

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2 replies on “Contemporvant Worship”

The video is funny but I can’t help feeling a bit conflicted at the end. I guess it kind of leaves me with an empty feeling knowing that they understand their formulas so well. It’s almost like they are admitting that they are manipulating folks.

Then again (and nothing against anyone here) I’m liturgically pretty opposite of this style to begin with, so I’m not the best judge. Another factor working in their favor is that I like anyone who can laugh at themselves and then use a lot of Papyrus font and make fun of that too.

Ben – I appreciate your keen assessments. It seems to certainly be designed for insiders and may only be funny to insiders. It may be a huge turn off and perhaps offensive to non or nominally religious people. It seems to feed what could be a stereotype about the church.
What, you don’t like Papyrus? 😉

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