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Faith Like a Rock (3 of 4)

As the winter has turned to spring in Kansas, I have been reflecting on faith and its comparison to various things in nature. This is the third in a series of posts on this topic.

A rock, especially a large one, is solid and doesn’t change very often. This type of faith would be unchanging across a long period of time. Circumstances might change the exterior (like snow or rain on a rock’s surface) but the interior faith would remain the same. While a tree goes through the seasons in a year, this type of faith could cycle much more often or perhaps over a series of years. Unlike the deciduous tree or evergreen tree there would not really be periods of growth and dormancy. No disease, no pests and not much change.

Would you like to have faith like a rock?

What else would you add to this simile?

By Andrew Conard

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My faith is my rock. The rock (as a simile) provides nutrients to the trees through erosion. They in turn have life – living faith. They grow, leaf, and fruit. They move sway, and breathe. I’m a tree. And sometimes a rock for another.

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