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2010 Resurrection Online Micro Churches

As Pastor of Resurrection Online, I am currently working with leaders to launch micro churches where someone gathers 10 to 20 people to worship together with Resurrection Online and continue to grow, give and serve as a community together. This would be an opportunity to be a missionary to your neighbors. Check out this video for an introduction.

Will you please share your response to this initiative?

By Andrew Conard

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this is an exciting endeavor. My congregation is on the road to developing a more “robust” internet campus. Video answers some of the questions we have been stumbling through and articulates some other great points. Hope you don’t mind me passing it on to my sr. pastor for some conversation fuel. Thanks for your ministry.

Chris – Thanks. It is fun. What is the url for your internet campus? I am always looking for others that are doing ministry online and how to learn from them. Please feel free to share as would be helpful for you.

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