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The End of Cokesbury, Abingdon Press and UMR Communications?

Cokesbury, Abingdon Press and UMR Communications each have long histories.

How much of a future do they have?

I recently read an article that referenced this video put together by a publishing company.

What are your thoughts, feelings or opinions on the future of Methodist publications?

By Andrew Conard

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4 replies on “The End of Cokesbury, Abingdon Press and UMR Communications?”

We just bought 10 new “Faith We Sing” hymnals, and paid $80 plus shipping more buying them through Cokebury than what they were priced at A small example, but magnify it to get the picture. 100 books would have been $800 over what Amazon offers. Few churches have the luxury of spending this way to support our denomination.

I have to agree with Kathy. For seminary classes, I get my book list (hosted on the Cokesbury website) and compare Cokesbury to Amazon. Typically I can save 20% on Amazon. I am afraid that Cokesbury is in for a rough time.

As for the publishing arms, as long as there are theologians and churches, there will be a demand for Christian publishers. That said, as e-readers get better, more people will want them. The publishers need to get ready to be serious about digital distribution, because the trend cannot be stopped.

JAy. – There is money to be saved at Amazon much of the time. I wonder at times about the future of publishing houses (see post yesterday). I would assert that there will continue to be a demand for Christian content, whether there is a demand for Christian publishers remains to be seen.

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