How do you know when you are being deceived?

Wikipedia defines deception as “acts to propagate beliefs that are not true, or not the whole truth (as in half-truths or omission).” As a reference to this definition, you are being deceived when you believe someone who is propagating beliefs that are not true. You are following after someone who is teaching, sharing or preaching false things.

Easy enough to define what it is to be deceived and a little trickier to know when you are being deceived.

It may be a gut feeling that something is not right, questions about what is being shared that don’t go away or moving in a direction that is in opposition to something which you are certain is true. Conversation with friends, family, colleagues or a church community can be helpful in discerning whether or not you are being deceived. Most often I have found conversations about truth, lies and deception to best be carried out one on one.

What would you add to this response?

I recently met with a congregant who shared some deep questions with me. I asked for permission to share them on this blog to more broadly share my response.

By Andrew Conard

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I know when I am being deceived, or if someone is trying to do so if what I am being asked to believe doesn’t jive with scripture. Know the word of God, and live by it, and you will have an effective tool to discernment. When I was a boy, I prayed for the wisdom of Solomon. God answered me by pointing out that I have Solomons writings. If I wanted to share his wisdom, I should begin reading. Great advice!

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