PlanCruncher: Make Sense of Your Plan

I have really enjoyed leading Resurrection Online and trying out new ideas. Sometimes I have a hard time explaining what is in my head. I found a great website that helps distill thoughts to a one page plan. I first read about this concept at Visualize your business plan with Plan Cruncher and then went to try it out myself at

While not specifically designed for churches, I found it helpful in getting a fresh look on Resurrection Online Micro Churches.

Plan Cruncher – I recommend it.

By Andrew Conard

Christian, husband, son, brother, homeowner

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Plan Cruncher is a very interesting tool that helps entrepreneurs strengthen their focus on their business and key elements of their plan.

How could you see the church using this approach? Is it only for large churches (like Church of the Resurrection) to evaluate new ministry ideas, can it be used for new church plants or even for applying for revitalization grants for “stuck” churches?


Eric – I do not think it is just for large churches. I believe that it could be used to evaluate a new ministry at any size of church as well as for new church plants. Interesting idea about applying it to revitalization grants. Good stuff!

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