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Audio Recording of Significant Church History

Sometimes history can be found just under our noses. Sometimes in our attics. And every so often we can find it in our local church archives! Such is the discovery of a rare audio recording of the Evangelical United Brethren Declaration of Union worship service of 1946. The recording was made on two transcription disks which were found by the Rev. Ron Kite of Faith United Methodist Church in Hutchinson, Kansas.

Thus begins the story of the discovery of an audio recording of the EUB Union Worship Service. I am proud of my dad‘s role in this discovery. The EUB is one of the forerunners of the current United Methodist Church. If you are interested in church history, check out this link to read the article and download and listen to the audio recording.

There were two things that particularly struck me after I listened to the service, can you guess what they are? Leave a comment and let me know your response.

By Andrew Conard

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