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I Will Be Ordained at Annual Conference!

On Monday, the Board of Ordained Ministry of the Kansas West Annual Conference recommended me for ordination and full membership. This is officially a recommendation to the clergy session of the annual conference, however practically it was the final approval in the process for me.

This was a journey that began for me before high school when I remember writing in my journal that I may be a pastor one day. In the fall of 2002 I felt called to go to seminary and during the summer of 2004, while working in Yellowstone National Park, I felt called to be a pastor in the local church. I was officially commissioned as a provisional elder of the anual conference in May of 2007 and in a few months I will be ordained.

Thanks to all of you that prayed for me on Monday and that have been guiding, equipping and caring for me throughout this journey.

By Andrew Conard

Christian, husband, son, brother, homeowner

14 replies on “I Will Be Ordained at Annual Conference!”

Andrew … we are proud of your ministry and celebrate your ordination!!!!

Congrats–I will be ordained this Annual Conference as well–the journey is such a long one that it is a funny feeling when they finally say, okay, this is the year…

Don’t know where to post this, but will try this spot! In this morning’s (3/5 page W13) Wall Street Journal there is this article of interest — Follow the Neon Crosses to the ‘Jerusalem of the East’ by Melanie Kirkpatrick. It is right down your alley.

Congrats from a fellow Wesley grad! I know it feels good to hear those words of affirmation.

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