My Ordination Interviews

Today I am traveling to Salina to be interviewed by the Board of Ordained Ministry for admission to full connection and ordination as elder in the Kansas West Annual Conference. I have prepared the paperwork:

I have prepared for the interviews as best as I know how.

Will you pray for me today?

4 thoughts on “My Ordination Interviews

  1. You are prepared in every possible way and covered in prayer. It also doesn’t hurt that the weather is top notch — just like you! Enjoy the drive and keep remembering that you are ready for this.

  2. Praying for you Andrew. Lord, allow Andrew to speak truth amidst the tension, and to see You clearly. Amen.


  3. I hope all went well with your BOOM interview. Give my best to Nicole. Mary

    1. Mary – Thanks. It did go well. I passed along your greetings to Nicole 🙂

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