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Zimbabwe: Mission Centres (3 of 8)

In several of the districts that we visited in Zimbabwe there was a mission centre that in many cases was founded over 100 years ago. These were locations that started to be places of ministry when missionaries from the United States came to what was then Southern Rhodesia. These sites often had a hospital, school, sanctuary and other ministry sites. At Old Mutare Mission, the original site of United Methodist ministry in the country, it felt like an old school mission site, which is exactly what it was. I am not sure how to describe this feeling. I felt thankful for ministry taking place in that site for a long time, however this was mixed with an awareness that in the early 1900s the relationship between missionaries and native people was not always healthy. In any case, I am grateful that God sent and continues to send people to serve others in the name of Jesus Christ.

What area of ministry has continued for many years where you are?

By Andrew Conard

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