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Zimbabwe: Hospitality (1 of 8)

A few weeks ago, I had a great trip to the Zimbabwe East Annual Conference with a delegation from the Kansas West Annual Conference. One of the overwhelming characteristics of the culture was a focus on hospitality. At nearly every site that we visited there were drinks and snacks that had been prepared for us as a thank you for the visit. It is understood that if you share a meal or food with someone else the relationship is confirmed and brought to a deeper level. At many locations, we were greeted with exuberant singing as we got off the bus. It seemed as if hospitality was part of the culture and also a clear expression of faith. Sharing in a meal is a sign of fellowship that is a meaningful Christian practice. I hope to share some of the hospitality that was shared with us.

In what way have you experienced hospitality in an extravagant or unexpected way?

By Andrew Conard

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When I went there with Voices of Youth, our Virginia Conference youth mission choir, I remember the people would just swarm the buses such that we almost couldn’t get out. Some of my best memories are singing, dancing and drumming with the people at one church out in the “bush”.

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