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Ordination in the UMC: Doctrinal Papers

A few weeks ago, I made a proposal to make publicly available the documents produced by candidates for ministry in The United Methodist Church. To that end, I have published my Doctrinal Papers in regard to Theology, Vocation and The Practice of Ministry for Admission to Full Connection and Ordination as Elder in the Kansas West Annual Conference. You can find the document online at I have licensed my work under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License

I hope that you will take time to read some of my responses and share your opinions, thoughts or feelings in the comments on this post.

By Andrew Conard

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3 replies on “Ordination in the UMC: Doctrinal Papers”

*Very* interesting to see the differences from conference to conference. What are your page limits? In OK, I wrote a 28 pager, then had to rewrite 3 questions to make it about 33 pages of doctrinal responses. Your answers in the doctrine section are much heavier than the vocation section…my committee woulda thrown me out for 1-2 sentence responses to 3 of the vocational questions like you have.

I don’t say that to belittle your work; it looks great to me. It’s just interesting how much emphasis on length of reflection is required by different conferences.

UM Jeremy – Kansas West did not have any page limits stated for the responses. I have not yet met with my committee yet, so it is to be seen how the Board responds to my work. I do know that the vocation section could have used some additional work, however this is what I was able to complete by the turn in date. Thanks for your response!

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