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Iterate Fast and Release Often

This is one of the principles which has guided me in the development of Resurrection Online and the guidance for micro churches supported by the simulcast of worship. This principle is well outlined at this post – The “Iterate Fast and Release Often” Philosophy of Entrepreneurship, from which I take this quote:

The core tenet of this philosophy is that it’s more important to launch a product and new features and iterate rather than take the extra time necessary to “perfect” a product or feature before launch.

We have already experienced this at Resurrection Online as a significant number of people from our current congregation who are sick or out of town are currently worshiping with us online. We would not have anticipated that this population was there without launching while knowing that there were significant technical improvements and adjustments that would need to be made.

The website for Resurrection Online ( is still far from where I hope that it will be, but it is out there and people are finding meaningful connection. I hope we are able to release features as soon as reasonable and make changes based on feedback from congregants who are worshiping online.

By Andrew Conard

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2 replies on “Iterate Fast and Release Often”

Andrew, What do you think the implications are of this approach if it was used in church planting? My experience of going through training and seeing the way we’re setting things up is that we’re trying to perfect before just simply getting someone on the ground to start making contacts, etc.

Dan – You raise an excellent question. There is definitely a certain level of refinement that needs to be reached before any release happens. In church planting, I believe that this threshold may be lower than what is commonly understood by the denomination.

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