Top 3 People Who Visit the Internet for their Spiritual Needs

While there are many different types of people who go to their internet for their spiritual needs, here are the top three.

  • Spiritual Seekers – Non and nominally religious people who are aware that they have spiritual needs and are searching for ways in which they can be met. This may include people who have been hurt by previous participation in a faith community, those testing out a community before showing up in person and those trying out different types of faith expression.
  • Physical Barrier – These are people who are unable or unwilling to seek fulfillment of their spiritual needs as part of a physical community. This group may include those that are hospitalized or recovering from surgery, have a compromised immune system, experience chronic pain and face mobility challenges.
  • Convenience – These are people who have chosen to connect online because it is more convenient than being physically present with others. This may include families with small children, persons who are nominally committed and persons who live far from their faith community of choice.

This is one of the questions that I was asked during the interview on Up to Date last week on KCUR and my responses are based on my experience with the Online Campus at The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection.

By Andrew Conard

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