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Blog Hiatus – Suggestions?

I am taking a blogging hiatus for the rest of the week.

I will be traveling to a Kansas West residency event in the first part of the week and to visit Nicole’s family of origin in North Carolina in the latter part of the week.

In the meantime, I am looking for your guidance.

What would be most helpful for you in future blog posts?

Email me at andrew dot conard at cor dot org with “Blog Idea” in the subject line or leave your comments below. I am ready to hear from you.

By Andrew Conard

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One reply on “Blog Hiatus – Suggestions?”

I think you should do a blog talking about the importance of lay people in the church along with church leadership. I honest do not know if you notice how lay speakers/minsters are in the life of a church, but I have noticed that they’re a very important & often overlooked. As for me & Daniel we have to fill out our annual report for lay speaking in the UMC latter today for our charge conference in early NOV. & it is interesting to see all the different things that lay speakers actually do for the life of the church & it just seem to us the pastors or higher ups within the church are usally the ones who take the majority of the credit where as the laity are the ones who do most of the work. Just a thought for you to ponder.

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