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Transition: Pastor of the Resurrection Internet Campus

Beginning November 1, I will be pastor of the Resurrection Internet Campus. Here is the news from the communication to our congregation on Friday.

Did you know that over 1,000 people per weekend worship with us live, on line? These are home bound, folks who are sick, members who are out of town, members who didn’t make it to worship and people who live in other cities. We now have a group of residents at Tall Grass Creek who gathering together to worship using the live webcast every week? We have persons in other parts of the country who want to use our live webcast to start “house churches” or to offer a contemporary worship option in the evenings for their congregations. We anticipate that in the Kansas City area the live web stream will be the entry point for many younger adults who will start worshiping with us online before they ever set foot on one of our campuses. With the appointment of Steven Blair we will focus Andrew Conard’s full attention to developing our Internet Campus and ways to use our Internet webcast to welcome new people to faith and to shepherd them.

You can read the entire email here.

I am excited.

By Andrew Conard

Christian, husband, son, brother, homeowner

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So I was one of the 1000 yesterday because of being sick, and I noticed when Adam talked about pulling out the GPS that he said those watching online should get a piece of paper and a pen…it got me thinking- why couldn’t there be an interactive GPS that I could type sermon notes in while the sermon was going on- if it was tied into Google Docs or something someone could keep an online archive of sermon notes that could be tagged and linked and stuff like that.

Anyway, it might a terrible idea, but it crossed my mind and I thought I’d share.

Since there seems to be a “date of beginning” (November 1), what do you anticipate will be involved in the “kickoff”?

My wife and I share online worship with you… 1000 miles away.

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