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Micro Church: College (3 of 5)

I believe that over the next several years, micro churches will become an important part of renewal within The United Methodist Church.

I believe that colleges and universities have great potential to be a place where micro churches will flourish. In residence halls and public spaces, there exists a community that is already in close proximity. College is a time when persons are willing to try new things and an invitation on the spur of a moment can have significant impact. I believe that existing United Methodist campus ministries could work to equip leaders to lead micro churches wherever they live and have a significant impact on the life of the university. This removes the need for a central meeting place and creates the opportunity for students to practice hospitality where they already spend times with friends – where they live.

I believe that could have a significant impact on the future of campus ministry in The United Methodist Church.

How do you respond to this idea?

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5 replies on “Micro Church: College (3 of 5)”

How does the concept of micro church differ from that of a “cell group?” My campus ministry tried that in the late 1990’s (I believe modeled on great success that had occured at UGA), but to no avail. I’m still not totally sure why.

AEL – Good question. I don’t know particularly the definition of the cell group, but I would say that there are similarities. Some distinctions may be – worship in a cell group simultaenously with other groups and a larger physical congregation; giving, growing and serving as a group in addition to just worship. Is that even close to answering your question? Also, you are not sure why it was tried or not sure why it failed?

I am not sure why it failed. I see the point that a micro church would have a more expansive mission than a cell group. They were meant to be like other “small groups” that form out of the life of a larger congregation and were for formation/education/covenant only without a worship or service component (that I remember).

AEL – A micro church would have a more expansive mission than a cell group. I appreciate the follow up about your experience. There is a balance between being a small group and knowing that you are part of something larger than that particular group.

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