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I’m Ditching Facebook.

I am always looking for ways to unclutter my life and not checking Facebook is one thing I am considering.

Once I started using Twitter and Tweet Deck as an application to manage connecting with others via Twitter, I have found less and less use for Facebook. I love the simplicity of Twitter – just a status update that lets me know what is going on in the lives of others and helps me find interesting articles, websites and information. There are no applications that I have to mess with or quiz invitations to ignore.

Event invitations and the Inbox are about the only ways that I continue to use Facebook. These could easily be replaced with email and

I am strongly considering ditching Facebook.

Can you talk me out of it?

By Andrew Conard

Christian, husband, son, brother, homeowner

5 replies on “I’m Ditching Facebook.”

I’m not trying to talk you out of this at all. For myself, I have a lot of actual friends (people I know, people I knew from long ago) on Facebook & very few on Twitter. The pastors in West Michigan have joined FB, and others continue to join. The people I follow on Twitter are (with a few exceptions) not actual friends. They just post interesting information.

So, I guess I’m saying that *for me* they serve different purposes.

But, by all means, do what makes sense to you.

I would agree with what Craig said. I like the simplicity of Twitter, but then again I think the opportunity to dialogue is much better on Facebook… especially if you’re talking about something that doesn’t require a hashtag.

Plus – a lot more incriminating pictures on Facebook. Do you really want to give those up?

Riffing on what Janelle said: I’m actually getting dialogue and discussion on my FB profile now. I’m personally liking Twitter better (in theory), but the actual discussion and dialogue and *keeping up with people I otherwise wouldn’t see* is happening on FB.

Twitter is still bleeding edge and has low adoption. while it may be on the S curve, its unlikely that the mass of people will actually adopt it. Frankly too many people see it as narcissitic and self aggrandizing which in many ways it can be. So I think Twitter has not only a technology barrier, but also a social barrier for adoption. Staying connected with people is what facebook does for me. And when it comes to my mom seeing pictures of Gabriel, frankly is the only thing she is going to figure out. So I would encourage you to re-engage with facebook – because Jesus went where the people are, and while the religious professionals may be on twitter – the people are on facebook!

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