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Free Phone with the 2010 Electronic Program Calendar?

Notice anything unusual about this ad?

Take a closer look…

I did purchase a copy of the 2010 Electronic Program Calendar and am relieved that I did not have to replace my current mobile phone.

By Andrew Conard

Christian, husband, son, brother, homeowner

3 replies on “Free Phone with the 2010 Electronic Program Calendar?”

Well, if they were going to give away a Palm phone, they could have at least made it the new Palm Pre – not some old Treo. 🙂

If the ad is not really about the phone, why the Palm and Microsoft logos?

Are you using a PDA with this software? If, so what? How do you like it? How does the software work with your outlook? Are you pleased with it?
Thanks for the information.

I did download the electronic calendar and it is a calendar in my Microsoft Outlook setup at church. I sync it with my Apple iPhone. I am pleased with it. It is good information and having it electronically accessible is an excellent help. Recommended.

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