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Apprentice of Jesus

This week I was part of a conversation that was encouraging, informative and exciting.

I was part of a conversation with Ben Simpson, Correy Trupp, Darrell Holtz, Dave Robertson, James Bryan Smith and Jimmy Taylor about The Apprentice Series – a discipleship curriculum. I met Jimmy less than a year ago at Board of Ordained Ministry interviews for Kansas West Annual Conference. At that time, he indicated that he was part of a team that was developing a new curriculum that would be released at a conference in the summer of 2009 and would be interested in sharing more about it. Initially it sounded good, but the time didn’t seem to find that conversation.

Subsequently, Ben let me know that he would be attending The Jesus Way: recovering the lost content of discipleship. This is a conference sponsored by Renovare and was the same conference at which the curriculum would be launched. I told Jimmy or Ben or both about the other, but would not be able to go to the conference myself. They met while they were there.

Just over a month ago, Jimmy sent me a message on Facebook indicating that he and James Smith (author of The Apprentice Series) would be in town in a couple weeks and asked if I would be able to meet. I was excited to finally be able to meet them and invited Ben and some of the discipleship staff at Resurrection.

I was encouraged by hearing the story and background to The Apprentice Series and the approach to forming disciples which is put forward.

I hope to have the opportunity to experience the curriculum with a small group this fall.

I hope continue to build relationships with Jim and Jimmy.

I believe that this curriculum may be a part of the puzzle of renewal within The United Methodist Church and spiritual revival in the state of Kansas.

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By Andrew Conard

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