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A Call to Spiritual Formation

I go through seasons in my practice of spiritual disciplines and now is a time for a refresh.

I found inspiration and encouragement in A Call to Spiritual Formation – a simple document addressing the need for continual spiritual formation of every Christian. I invite you to visit the website at and sign your name to the document if it resonates with your life.

The next step for me is to dig in to a renewed practice of spiritual disciplines. I am still looking for what might be next…

What spiritual disciplines have you found to be formational in your life and would recommend?

By Andrew Conard

Christian, husband, son, brother, homeowner

2 replies on “A Call to Spiritual Formation”

I tend to view disciplines in two broad categories (not that this is original to me by any means): habitual disciplines and vocational ones. Both I think should be discerned. In other words, there are certain times of life I believe I am called to practice a heavier regiment of, say, silence and solitude, and others maybe “conferencing” (Puritan discipline of community), or deep Bible study, etc.

I think the worry with disciplines is to try and use them for specific growth, rather than opening to God. By using the idea of vocation, I think we can focus more on God’s activity and orientation than attempting to use disciplines according to our own agenda.

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