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Elevator Pitch for Networked Micro Churches

In North America, the church is failing to live up to its mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Since 1990 over 150 United Methodist churches have closed every year.

During this same period of time, internet usage has exploded. Since 1990 the internet grew by 100 percent every year.

I propose a solution that addresses the failure of the church in its mission by harnessing the power of the internet.

Within three years, networks of micro churches will develop that use web technology to facilitate worship and leadership development.

This solution:

  • creates new places for new people
  • develops leaders
  • leverages existing resources

to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

I invite you to be a part of this movement to help the church fulfill its mission.
I would like to set up a meeting to talk with you about the possibility of a micro church launching in your area.
Please email me at andrew dot conard at cor dot org

5 replies on “Elevator Pitch for Networked Micro Churches”

I have no idea what you are aiming at, but I wish you well in the conversation. Creative ideas are great.

I would like to know more about what you’re wanting to discuss. It sounds like some things would interest me, but right now I don’t see parameters for the discussion.

Are there? What are they?

Henry – Great question. The idea is that micro churches (a group of 8 to 15 persons) might worship, grow, give and serve together facilitated by a live web stream of worship from existing churches. This creates new places for new people to come into a relationship with Jesus Christ and develops principled Christian leaders. Over time these groups multiply and form a network which becomes self supporting, with the potential to form a more traditional church start.


I was looking through some google entries on micro church and came across your pitch. Good to “run into you” again. I think Micro churches really do hold some promise for a missional future.

David Mills

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