Ideation Experience – Day 2

Day 2 of the #leadnet Ideation Experience wrapped up yesterday. It was another full day which included:

  • Ideating (brainstorming) on the ideas that we brought to the conference.
  • Breaking into teams of 3 to mashup each of our ideas to create new ones.
  • Continuing to develop our 1 minute pitch of our idea
  • Video recording our 1 minute pitch of our idea.
  • Clear guidance from John Handy around brainstorming and creating an effective pitch.

It was a great day.

Today we will wrap up the event and come out with the top 10 ideas that will change the church over the next 10 years. That’s the plan…

I am also looking forward to meeting with @amforbus for breakfast and my cousin, Monica, for lunch. I’ll be back in Kansas City in the evening.

More tomorrow on next steps from this event.

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