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#6qumc – Where is it leading? (4 of 5)

Another question that has been asked of 6 Questions for The United Methodist Church,

“Where is it leading?”

Ultimately, I pray that this project is leading where God wills.

The stated purposes of the project are:

  • Raise important questions for next steps in the life of the denomination.
  • Provide guidance for future face to face gatherings.
  • Shape the discourse across the denomination.

In addition, I hope that 6qumc will raise conversations that lead to the fruit of God’s kingdom being produced in the lives of people across the denomination – both inside and outside the church.

After September 30, 2009 the top six questions in each topic will be compiled and made available, possibly through print publication, but certainly via the web.

I believe that next steps will become clear over the course of the project. In the meantime, I believe that the conversation may be more fruitful than the results. It is hard for me to say for certain.

What do you suggest?

To participate visit:

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By Andrew Conard

Christian, husband, son, brother, homeowner

4 replies on “#6qumc – Where is it leading? (4 of 5)”


This is an intriguing idea and clearly has ignited some passion, but I personally find it a bit daunting to participate.

There are 483 questions submitted right now. That is a lot to read if I want to decide how to vote or to figure out if my question is redundant.

Will there be any kind of winnowing or editing of the list? Or are you planning on take the six highest vote getters and building an agenda around those?

Since the highest vote total right now is about 45 or so, I wonder if your group would not be better served by gathering together (in person or on line) and coming up with your own set of questions through a process of proposal and debate. Maybe what you need to do is “cast a vision” for the denomination rather than take the temperature of it.

Just some thoughts.

I appreciate the effort and leadership of the young clergy.

John – The voting is an up or down vote on each individual question, there is not the opportunity to rank an individual’s top six. It is the collective that will narrow it. I believe that the top six vote getters will be the 6.
I am all about casting vision, but am not about to believe that I or even a small number of people could cast an effective vision for the entire denomination. Asking questions seems to me to be a solid intermediate step.
Thanks for your comment and interest.

Don’t want to register and read all the Q’s but here’s mine:

The scripture commands us to taste and see that the Lord is good. How are we as a denomination doing that?

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