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An Open Invitation to Preaching Collaboration

This coming weekend, I will be preaching on Wrath at Resurrection’s Central Campus as part of a series on the Seven Deadly Sins. I am working and praying hard to have the best possible sermon for this weekend.

This is where you come in.

I want to hear from you – what questions, ideas, suggestions, scripture verses about wrath or anger do you have?

Visit to vote and submit your ideas and suggestions.

By Andrew Conard

Christian, husband, son, brother, homeowner

2 replies on “An Open Invitation to Preaching Collaboration”

Wrath is not a sin.

Anger is not a sin.

The “7 Deadly Sins” are based on an ascetic principle that is based on Greek philosophy more than the Bible. The “Golden Mean” is their aim as opposed to a Biblical understanding of God.

God has proven to be quite “wrathful” at times. God is quit “greedy” when it comes to people’s devotion. Jesus “rested” often. God is the first bringer of death.

I feel strongly that we continue to reteach “The 7 Sins” because they come from a church vested in ancient Greco-Roman culture and not the Word of God.

Mark – Thanks for your response. I invite you to also share it at to be a part of the collaboration. You are right on that God’s wrath is something that is frequently addressed in scripture. I believe that there is a distinction between our wrath and God’s wrath and the outcomes of each.
How would you suggest I approach the topic?

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