Leadership Network’s Ideation Experience

I am excited to be a part of Leadership Network’s Ideation Experience in July. From the website:

The Leadership Network Ideation Experience on July 20-22 in Dallas, is a gathering of innovators, creative thinkers and idea junkies who work collaboratively in an interactive and iterative process of developing ideas that could not only change the Church but change the world.

Leadership Network has partnered with Catalyst and innovation guru John Handy, former Senior VP in charge of product development for Mattel Toys to present three days of innovation and brainstorming. Our plan is to deliver a list of the Ten Big Ideas that could shape and change the Church in the next ten years.

The Leadership Network Ideation Experience is not an informational conference, but rather a total immersion into creating, combining, experimenting, testing and refining of good ideas into great ideas. It is designed for creative, playful leaders who enjoy collaborating with other creative and playful leaders. If this makes your heart race, you need to join us!

I outlined the idea which I submitted at Church Planting – What if… and included the following biography (in 200 words or less) for my application:

I am a Christian, husband, son, brother, friend, United Methodist and also an associate pastor at The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection ( I am passionate about spiritual revival in the state of Kansas, renewal within the United Methodist Church and the purpose of the church where I serve.

I believe that this will be important work for the church, denomination and as internet campus pastor.

By Andrew Conard

Christian, husband, son, brother, homeowner

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Sounds like a ton of fun… I’m out of town that week or I would have loved to have returned the favor and bought you lunch. We’re about 30 minutes south of Dallas. I hope you’ll share your insights/notes/reflections here on the blog. Blessings on your new position.

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