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Update: Amazon Kindle and UMPH

Last week I wrote about the Amazon Kindle and the UM Publishing House and the possibilities of offering the Book of Discipline, Resolutions, etc. in an electronic format that would be available via the Kindle.

I received an email from a staff member of the UMPH indicating that the Book of Discipline and the Book of Resolutions are now in the process of being readied for the Kindle. In addition, research is being done about the rights around the Book of Worship and making it available as well.

Well done, UMPH. Well done.

I believe that this is an action that is pointing in the right direction for the denomination. A good sign.

What else would be helpful from the denomination in terms of digital publishing, database publishing or other resources that might be offered?

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Hey Andrew! I’m not a kindle fan – too much to hold onto. I hope that the UMC will make it into an audiobook that could be downloaded to itunes. LOL Just kidding!

I found the version I had on my palm really great and was looking yesterday at a way to get a digital version of the 2008 – and found it on Cokesbury. So, I’m happy.

Keep the faith!

It would be best if we took the Social Principles out of the Book of Discipline, since they are not church law and they are also printed in the Book of Resolutions. The Book of Resolutions should be simply made available on the website. Last quadrennium, only about 20,000 copies of the BOR were sold.

Fantastic. For all the whining and complaining I’ve done about this, I really appreciate the UMPH’s willingness to take a bold step into this new realm of technology.

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