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Invitations to Young Leaders in the UMC

Currently within the United Methodist Church many persons are taking action toward renewal. Together these actions create a movement of change.

I have five invitations for you along with links to specific posts which provide additional about each one. I invite you to:

  1. Join other young United Methodist leaders in 40 days of prayer beginning on May 18 and concluding on June 26, 2009
  2. Reserve space at your Annual Conference and use it to share a vision for the future – both for young leaders and the annual conference
  3. Use common tags in social media when considering issues related to the denomination or young leaders.
  4. Articulate common themes and share stories of vision and action that are producing fruit in God’s kingdom.
  5. Email me (andrew dot conard at cor dot org) with “UMC Young Clergy” in the subject line if any or all of these are true:
    1. You would be willing and able to travel to a national gathering of young clergy in October 2009 with the purpose of clarifying common themes of the movement that is forming
    2. There is a young clergy organization or movement within your annual conference.
    3. You would be willing to create and lead a young clergy organization or movement in an annual conference where one does not currently exist.

If you would like to share a hard copy of these invitations you can access the Google Document via this link.

By Andrew Conard

Christian, husband, son, brother, homeowner

5 replies on “Invitations to Young Leaders in the UMC”

Keep up the good work, dude. A national gathering for collaboration has been on my mind. This might need to be the subject of our next conversation.

I see you posting all the time about Young Leaders in the UMC, but it always seems limited to clergy. Is there anything going on for the Young Laity?

Ben – Great question. The bottom line is, I don’t know. There is little of what I am suggesting that would be limited to clergy only. Would you be willing and able to be a part of a movement that was broader than clergy? Would you be interested in starting a movement among UM Young Laity?
I think that there would be great power in both clergy and laity organizing around a common movement. Does a broader focus dilute a movement or help it gain momentum? I am not sure of the answer to that question. What do you think?


I’m convening a group of young clergy in the East Ohio Conference at the request of Bishop John Hopkins. One of our young clergy spotted your blog and recommended it. I’d be glad to be included on your insights re: this important issue for our church.

Jim Skinner, retired UMC clergy, former ds and ass’t to bishop.

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