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New Churches – What if?

What if entrepeneurial small group leaders were asked to equip others to invite people to Christ and multiply small groups?

What if these leaders were asked to oversee the groups of small groups which they helped to initiate?

What if these groups participated in worship and discipleship together?

What if  faithful and effective leaders were encouraged to organize a group of groups as a local church?

What if these new churches sought to be recognized by the United Methodist Church, instead of the denomination starting new churches?

What if it was facilitated by a live worship

By Andrew Conard

Christian, husband, son, brother, homeowner

2 replies on “New Churches – What if?”

Didn’t this already happen in England in the 18th century?

I love it and I hope that ideas like this will move me from my cynical state to my much preferred optimistic view on the future of the UMC. . .

Jamey – Glad that you like the ideas. I hope that sharing vision and action will lead to a more optimistic view on the future of the UMC. Thanks for sharing your hopefulness.

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