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Connection Drive – April 2009

Today I want to offer you, the reader, an invitation to connect with me. Whether this is your first time to read Thoughts of Resurrection or you are a regular visitor, I invite you to connect with me in the following ways:

Also, do you have an idea about a future topic for this blog? Let me know in the comments or via an email.

Look forward to hearing from you soon!

By Andrew Conard

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One reply on “Connection Drive – April 2009”


I would love to see a “Week In The Life” type of post. I just read Leading Beyond the Walls and it is obvious the multi-staff situation has changed even in the last few years for CoR. A while back you wrote about something like Pastor of the Day? Are there certain days that you work from the church and others from home? I just ask because it is interesting to see how much different stuff you do. If I am not asking it right, I am really just talking about what all of the different roles are that you have.

A bonus would be how do you think this appointment is preparing you for your next appointment. There have to be lots of pros and cons, good experiences that will help you in your next appointment and things that will be harder going from a large appointment to most likely a smaller appointment without the same resources. I know in our conference there is a wide range of church sizes and pastors can find themselves with vastly different budgets and such.


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