April Fool’s Day

I am going to be appointed to a different church in July.

Nicole and I are expecting a child.

We bought a new car.

There is a spider in your hair.

As far as I know, only one of the above is true. So choose the best as an April Fool’s Day message from me to you.

Which is your favorite?

8 thoughts on “April Fool’s Day

  1. Actually, except for the spider allegation (which, by the way, I just checked), all of them could be true, since most of the statements are not sufficiently time-specific for the truly obsessive!

  2. i don’t like spiders.

    one time, in seminary, there was a spider in my room. and it was a little too big for me to get close to kill… so i went to your room, but both you and adam were in class. so was rahel. there was no one else up on my floor (in straughn) except Nicole, so I asked her if she could do me a HUGE favor by ridding of this spider that was parading around my desk in my room.
    she brought her slipper, and BAM, and then picked it up with a tissue and threw it away.

    i will forever be grateful.

  3. Two of them would be fun and great, the others not so much.

    To show how gullible I can be, I read the first statement and my split-second reaction before I connected things logically in my mind with your blog title and today’s date was “What! No way! Really? Where? Is Nicole staying at Resurrection? but they just bought a house! Will they have to sell it? How come I’m finding this out on Andrew’s blog?”

    Good one. Happy April 1st!

  4. Even though you titled this “April Fools day”, I totally shrieked and started shaking and my head like a wild woman.

    Hey – I like your new site.

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