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What I Learned from the Board of Ordained Ministry

Several weeks ago, I interviewed with the Board of Ordained Ministry in Kansas West and was continued as a provisional member of the conference. This is good news. It means that next year I will be eligible to be fully ordained and have all the rights and responsibilities of a clergy person within the United Methodist Church. I interviewed with a team of three persons – two clergy and one lay. I recognize that I am just starting out this ministry thing and always seek to learn from others. My final question for them was, “What advice would you have to offer me, as someone just starting out in ministry?” There responses are excellent.

  • Love the people.
  • Don’t denigrate what is happening when you first arrive in an appointment.
  • There are hands on practical things to do as a pastor – call when someone is not in worship, call when they come back to worship, make rounds like a doctor.

I appreciate all the wisdom that those who have gone before me in the path of ministry. I hope to always continue to learn from others.

What is some advice that you have received or that you have to offer for somone just starting out in ministry?

By Andrew Conard

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When I had my commissioning interview last year, we had three different interviews with two people (so six people total). Each time, I asked what they like most about ministry. And almost to a person, they said, “Seeing somebody ‘get it.'” Now that says a lot about our calling, doesn’t it?

1. Don’t underestimate hospital visitation.
2. Preach Christ.
3. Expect to move.

The best advice came from my current senior pastor at Asbury, Tom Harrison:
4. Lower your expectations and raise your commitment.

I was once given the advice to learn more Korean because I asked to be moved out of a Korean church, since I didn’t understand majority of meetings and gatherings.

A friend of mine told me these:
1) Show Up
2) Speak the truth
3) love them
4) don’t worry about results.

I think the fourth one always lifts a burden off of me…

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