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UMYC Booth at Annual Conference

I reserved a booth at Kansas West Annual Conference for young clergy and have the following ideas…

  • Gathering place for young clergy
  • Distribution of social media guide for UM Young Clergy
  • Distribution of physical copy of 40 days of prayer initiative
  • Share ideas for young clergy gatherings throughout the year
  • Potentially a place to audio record stories of young clergy to be able to share with others.

What else purposes might a booth at annual conference for young clergy serve? Add comments here and I will compile into a document to be used in any conference.

By Andrew Conard

Christian, husband, son, brother, homeowner

6 replies on “UMYC Booth at Annual Conference”

I’m trying to figure out who the young clergy are in New England. I know a few…it may be all we have.

Out of curiosity do you know how many young clergy are in Kansas West?

Perhaps a survey would be in order? Develop a planning team for an annual conference gathering? Establishing communication channels?

This is a good idea. In Kansas West, is there a current “gathering” of young clergy? In OK, there is a committee in the annual conference, but it doesn’t seem to accomplish much of anything except for hosting an early morning worship service at annual conference

I like the idea of a survey–we could get information about what the young clergy of the AC are interested in. That would be a great place to start then in the future for finding/creating resources. Great idea, Justin! I also think that it would be great to provide a resource for churches who have a young clergy. Maybe things like–don’t always remind your pastor that s/he is the same age as your grandchild, feel free to invite your pastor over to dinner, etc. I’m mostly thinking of the more rural churches where the young clergy serving the church may be one of the few people under 35 in the entire church!

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