Day and Data after Ash Wednesday

I preached last night at the Ash Wednesday service at Resurrection Central. I believe that God used me to introduce and remind people of God’s story, their story and to offer the invitation to connect the two.

Throughout the day yesterday, I found that I was getting a significant traffic spike here at Thoughts of Resurrection. I found that it was coming through searches. Here is a comparison of the search terms that people used to visit my blog since Monday:

Monday, February 23, 2009

Search Views
thoughts of resurrection 4
does god answer all of a persons prayers 2
andrew conard 2
proper dress attire for church 1
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lydia circle 1
prayer of thanks for resurrection 1
god answers prayer 1
icon: the trinity 1
wikipedia pastoral education 1

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Search Views
ash wednesday sermons 7
ash wednesday sermon 5
sermon central and ash wed. service 2
10 prayers god answers 2
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andrew conard 2
lent mars hill bible church 2
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god answers prayers in three ways 1
pastoral prayers 1

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Search Views
ash wednesday sermon 46
ash wednesday sermons 17
ash wednesday thoughts 4
methodist fasting rules 3
church attire 2
united methodist book of discipline onli 2
ash wednesdaysermon 2
ash wed sermon 2
andrew conard 2
ash wednesday sermon umc 2

What does this data tell you?

By Andrew Conard

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One reply on “Day and Data after Ash Wednesday”

At first glance, we might think it’s lazy preachers who are searching last minute for a sermon to download and read. But I wonder if it’s more preachers that have simply gotten too busy, and on a short week like this one with a mid-week sermon and then regular Sunday coming up, I must admit I was tempted to search for sermons to borrow illustrations or points if I hadn’t discerned a specific thought for my congregation based on Joel. Sure laziness might be a factor. But I think pastoral expectations by ourselves and others often crowd out the ministry of the word.

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