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Opportunity or Tragedy

A couple weeks ago, Dan Entwistle asked what I was doing at Discovery Ark preschool and he said,

Wherever you are there is either opportunity or tragedy.

As a pastor, I hope that this is true. I hope to see opportunities everywhere to be a catalyst for God’s work and be present with those who are in need of a reminder of hope in the face of tragedy.

That morning I happened to have the opportunity to pray with the teachers at Discovery Ark grieving the death of one of the young mothers whose child is a member of the preschool.

Tragedy / Opportunity

Opportunity / Tragedy

By Andrew Conard

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An important part of that is that often it is both. Acknowledging something as tragic gives the opportunity to minister without being callously opportunistic. The wisdom there is that situations are not either/or. They are both/and.

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