Today is the day.

I was born 28 years ago today.

A happy birthday celebration with a photo from my third birthday. Thanks to my dad for the photo.

By Andrew Conard

Christian, husband, son, brother, homeowner

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Happy Birthday to our favorite Congregational Care Pastor ;)For your birthday, I hope your favorite team wins the Super Bowl… but only if that team is the Cardinals.

I’ve noticed something strange about this picture…the ‘3’ candle appears to have a rather substantial bite taken out of it. I was under the impression that those kinds of things were not edible. Thus, the only viable conclusion is that as a child you had a rather unhealthy penchant for eating wax. Has anything changed?


Happy Birthday!

Helen – Thanks. I am actually going to be rooting for the Cardinals.

Kansas Bob – 🙂

deviantmonk – Hmmm… Excellent observation. I cannot attest to whether or not I took a chomp out of that particular candle I can witness to my lack of wax eating habits today.

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