Tweeting the Parables: Soils (2 of 4)

I enjoy using Twitter, and wanted to try to state the essence of several parables in the length that would be acceptable as a tweet – 140 characters or less. After reading Luke 8:1-15, I came up with the following tweet:

Like when planting seed, sharing God is received in different ways. Be okay with that and seek to produce fruit.

What do you feel is lacking from this distillation? What is captured well?

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2 thoughts on “Tweeting the Parables: Soils (2 of 4)

  1. Andrew, tweeting the parables is a great idea.

    I’ve blogged about Andy Stanley’s approach to one-point preaching – – which involves crafting a “sticky statement” and then building the entire message about that one point.

    You’ve given me another way of thinking about that!

  2. Randy – Thanks, glad that you enjoy it 🙂

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