Tweeting the Parables: The Talents (1 of 4)

I enjoy using Twitter, and wanted to try to state the essence of several parables in the length that would be acceptable as a tweet – 140 characters or less. I used the TNIV translation to come up with the following tweet of Matthew 25:14-30.

Those who are faithful will be rewarded with more opportunity. Those who are not faithful will receive less opportunity.

What do you feel is lacking from this distillation? What is captured well?

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By Andrew Conard

Christian, husband, son, brother, homeowner

2 replies on “Tweeting the Parables: The Talents (1 of 4)”

Curious, What inspired this idea Andrew?

My first reaction is that tweeting parables makes them proverbs, not parables. I understand parables to be stories that are meant to evoke discussion. Therefore they must be ambiguous, complex and polyvalent. To distill them into a short moral lesson is to rob them of that power.

Amy – Well, I am a Twitter user and have been intrigued by the idea of what can be expressed in 140 characters. Your critique is an excellent one and I think that you are right that it does turn them into proverbs and removes the power. Thank you for your critique.

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