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The Top 10 Posts of 2008 were nearly all questions from you to which I responded here at Thoughts of Resurrection.

What questions do you have for me as a young United Methodist pastor serving at The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection? Theology, practice of ministry, leadership, worship, internet campus, life at Resurrection, story? Nearly anything is open. Please enter your name, email address, and question below and I will seek to respond to each one. It will likely be published here at with any identifying information removed to maintain confidentiality. Always feel free to email me at
All it takes is your name, email address and question. That’s it!
I am looking forward to responding to you.

By Andrew Conard

Christian, husband, son, brother, homeowner

4 replies on “Questions?”

Andrew, I have something that I need to comment about and to ask your opinion on. I have two children that I love very much. My son is educated, kind and very well established in his profession. He is also gay, although not “looking” for a partner. He is very religious and in fact led us to COR. He has since been transferred to Irving, TX and I miss him so much. Brad has been influential in my spiritual growth by his deep faith in Jesus even though he is not accepted by most Chrisitans. I must admit that I was one of the “holier than thou” people and I rejected him for several years. I so regret my actions. My daughter is married to a Muslim who is very much a part of our family now, but at first I rejected him because of his difference in his religion. I now love him and his family very much. He is a Palistenian by birth and an American by choice. Please pray for his family during the crisis in Gaza. At first I thought God had surely turned His back one me since my two children were not the”norm”. I now feel chosen to have them in my family. I am blessed each day by having known them and feel called by God to have them in my family. I have grown to love so much more deeply by having known and loved them. Please pray for the World to love and accept them.


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