Top 10 Posts of 2008

Nicole and I are in beautiful Florida at her grandparents house for Christmas. We will be flying back in a few days and heading to my parents house for New Year’s Eve. I am on a blogging break and will be back at the beginning of 2009. In the mean time, enjoy the top 10 posts from 2008. See you next year!

  1. What is proper church attire?
  2. In what way does God answer prayer?
  3. No Guns in Church
  4. Is there useful Bible software?
  5. Pastoral Prayers at Resurrection
  6. Can two deeply committed Christians get divorced?
  7. United Methodist Polity
  8. 07-06-17 Pastoral Prayer
  9. Prayer – Written or Spontaneous?
  10. Biden, McCain, Obama, Palin – Thoughts on the Election

By Andrew Conard

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