Adventures in Ministry – December 15, 2008

Today I am introducing what will become a regular part of my blog – Adventures in Ministry. There are all kinds of adventures that take place in ministry and from time to time, I am going to reflect on and share some of the more meaningful, wacky or inspirational adventures that I have had in my life in ministry.

This fall I have had several adventures being the on call chaplain overnight at Saint Luke’s Hospital as a part of my clinical pastoral education program. I am finished with overnight on call for 2008, but have five more in the spring before graduation. Part of this role is carrying a pager and responding if there is ever a trauma in the ER. This has sometimes involved a page while sleeping with the message that a patient will be arriving in three to five minutes, followed by me getting out of bed to the sirens of the ambulance arriving and making my way to the trauma room.

My main responsibility is to be a liason between any family, if present, and the medical team. Sometimes there is family, sometimes not. I am nearly always amazed at the teamwork of the trauma team working to address anything from a car wreck, stabbing, falling down stairs and others.

This has been a valuable part of my learning experience in CPE and helps put calls that I receive at other times and places in perspective.

By Andrew Conard

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