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The Beloved Pastor or Bill Snyder at K-State

If you are outside the sphere of influence of K-State or the Big XII, you may not know that Bill Snyder is back.

I think that Bill Snyder was a great coach. I do not think that he should have come back to be the head football coach at K-State.

It reminds me of the experience in churches when the congregation looks back at a “beloved pastor” or the “golden years” of a congregation. I believe the reality is that if the congregation were actually to go back to that time, it would not be nearly as good as it was remembered. If the beloved pastor were to come back, I think it has the potential to be a disaster for the congregation, pastor and any future pastors. I think that the possibility for expectations to be so far away from reality that it would be more trouble than it is worth.

I have never witnessed this, so these are my assumptions. I wonder if you have some concrete examples that would be helpful here…

By Andrew Conard

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well, there is joe gibbs who came back to coach the redskins.. wait.. umm.. oregon state’s mike riley, now that is okay.

as far as pastors.. there is jimmy bakker, he has a show & following again. but alas it won’t save heritage usa park.

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