Questions for Hospital Visits and Conversation

This week I shared a list of possible questions for hospital visits and other conversations with the team of Congregational Care Ministers with whom I work. Congregational Care Ministers are trained volunteers who assist a pastor in caring for the congregation. I want to share them with you and get your feedback on what you like, don’t like and other questions that you have found to be helpful in pastoral conversation.

  • What was it like to hear what the doctor told you?
  • What are your hopes?
  • What are your fears?
  • Where is God in all this?
  • What in your faith would be helpful for you right now?
  • What would God say to you if God was right here at the end of the hospital bed (or sitting right here with us)?
  • We have talked about a lot (or I just prayed about a lot of things right now), what was most meaningful for you?
  • As a congregational care minister, is there anything that would be helpful for you right now?

How do these questions make you feel? What other suggestions do you have?