WWJBlog? (1 of 3)

I think that Jesus would blog good news.

This is the first thing that he publicly proclaims to people when he began his ministry and continues to be the focus of those who follow him today. I think that primarily commenting on other blogs would be a way of spreading this good news – connecting people where they are.

I invite you to join me in writing a post or a series of posts answering the question – What Would Jesus Blog?

  1. Write a post with “WWJBlog” in the subject line, answering the question – What Would Jesus Blog?
  2. Invite readers of your blog to write similar posts
  3. Link back to this post and join the conversation.

2 thoughts on “WWJBlog? (1 of 3)

  1. I do wonder if the “Good News” would sound good to us, or would it sound more like the news he delivered to the Rich Young Ruler…

  2. Carlos – A great question. I think that it may sound like the news to the rich young ruler, but I hope that it would sound good.

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